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A licenced and trusted company for asbestos removal in Maidstone

Are you looking for a licenced asbestos company for asbestos removal in Maidstone? Are you worried about the health and safety of your family and occupants of your building and wish to hire a company that ensures top-quality asbestos solutions while ensuring compliance with the legislative and safety requirements? If yes, we are happy to inform you that you have reached the right place because Innox Waste & Recycling is one of the foremost asbestos management companies in Kent. With a rich experience behind us, we endeavor to match the highest possible standards and are committed to best industry-grade best practices.

Why is asbestos removal in Maidstone critically important?.

Many commercial and residential buildings built before 1999 in the UK have asbestos containing materials as it was a commonly-used material in constructing properties in the last century. Asbestos has been tested and proven to be extremely harmful to human health. Asbestos presence can set in fatal health conditions like lung cancer, asbestosis, and Mesothelioma. It is vital to thoroughly assess building structures to detect asbestos fibers that need to be removed or left untouched. Only licenced and trained asbestos companies are in the best position to understand how to deal with the asbestos present in buildings.

Property owners need to understand that under no circumstances should they venture to remove asbestos on their own or hire untrained people to do so. Only licenced entities like Innox Waste & Recycling should be hired for asbestos treatment and management. It is illegal to hire unlicenced firms for high risk asbestos removal in Maidstone and other parts of the UK. It is also a big risk to the health and safety of personnel because when working on asbestos, there are high risks of asbestos fibers being released into the atmosphere.

Innox Waste & Recycling – handling asbestos to protect your health

Every time there is a reason to doubt that there is asbestos present in a building, and we are hired for asbestos management, we undertake the work in a pre-defined planned manner, compliant with HSE standards and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. First, a proper and detailed inspection of the property is done to cover all hidden and visible areas for asbestos presence. Next, our trained and P402 certified surveyors diligently inspect floors, walls, partition walls, ceiling and floor tiles, bath panels, cement water tanks, window panels, insulation etc. After this, we prepare a detailed assessment report that is shared with you. Based on the report, we decide the further course of action – it could vary from simply keeping the asbestos untouched to full asbestos removal in Maidstone. We also effort to inform property owners about the essence of an asbestos management plan, ensuring that they understand the ill-effects of damaged asbestos in their property.
Innox Waste & Recycling is a trusted name in Maidstone known for its superior asbestos management and licenced removal services and solutions.

Key benefits include



ASB5 HSE licenced asbestos removal service (carried out in accordance with the control of asbestos 2012 guidelines). View our licence here



UKATA accredited, environmental waste carrier



Asbestos removal liability insurance up to £10m & asbestos surveying indemnity insurance up to £5m



Fully trained & qualified professional workforce (asbestos surveyors are all P402 qualified)



All waste disposed of in the correct manner at a licenced waste facility



Quick mobilization time and effective competent project management. We will aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation!

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If you suspect you have asbestos in your property (residential or commercial) it is important to get it tested. INNOX can help you from start to finish. Identifying asbestos containing materials (ACM), discussing management strategies for the asbestos, or considering the removal of the asbestos completely.


“MT Waste has used INNOX whenever we encounter asbestos, good friendly local firm.”
Matt Street, MT Waste

“I have used INNOX a number of times for advice and removal of asbestos. I have received a good service every time, we will use them for all our asbestos jobs.”
Dan Beeson,
DB Environmental 

“I used Innox to investigate possible asbestos at my rental flat. They were honest from the start and on investigation it wasn’t asbestos so it put my mind at ease”
Alan Moate,
Ashford, Kent