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Asbestos removal in Sussex by experts at Innox Waste & Recycling

Although the UK government has formulated various regulations to reduce and finally prohibit asbestos for construction purposes, the optimized management of asbestos used before 1999 still exists as a cause of concern. While asbestos is not a danger if left undisturbed, it can lead to hazardous conditions when damaged or in a poor deteriorated condition and hence needs immediate attention. However, asbestos management, including asbestos removal in Sussex and disposal, is the job of a trained and licenced service provider.

Innox Waste & Recycling is a HSE licenced asbestos removal firm and a expert in asbestos handling, removal and disposal services. We offer comprehensive end-to-end asbestos management services in Sussex and the entire UK, covering commercial and residential sectors.

A typical asbestos management solution starts with an assessment and survey of the structure. Samples collected from different parts of the building are then tested in a lab, after which a detailed action plan is prepared to address the issue. We undertake asbestos removal in Sussex and then finally disposing of it in at a licenced asbestos transfer station so that the air quality is never compromised and is free from asbestos fibers as per the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Where are the places in your property where asbestos can be found?

Even though asbestos is no longer used in the UK for construction and building purposes, it is extremely common and can still be found in properties constructed before 1999. Innox waste and recycling expert team has the competency to assess your entire building, every last nook and corner thoughruly to find even the smallest traces of asbestos. Some of the common places where this harmful substance can be present include:

  1. Roofs
  2. Floors
  3. Tiles
  4. Insulations 
  5. Gutters 
  6. Cisterns
  7. Window putty
  8. Boiler/electrical cupboards
  9. Soffits & Facias
  10. Textured coatings on ceilings and walls (ARTEX)
  11. Cementing and more.

Why do you need the expertise of Innox Waste & Recycling?

Asbestos management is not the work of novice and untrained people. All our surveying team members are P402 certified to undertake surveys and devise optimized management strategies. While surveying and assessing buildings, we ensure thorough legislative compliances and follow the statutory environment regulations. Both these parameters are critical for the safe asbestos removal in Sussex, followed by the legal disposal of hazardous waste. It is also our duty to ensure the safety of personnel and the general public at the site. We follow the best practices defined by HSE Standards and the Control of Asbestos Regulations in 2012.
We undertake:

  1. Survey of the building and preparing an assessment report
  2. Preparing the asbestos management plan
  3. Asbestos removal in Sussex and eco-friendly disposal
  4. Readying the paperwork and relevant documents along with registering at the site of the Environment Agency.  
  5. Since waste treatment and disposal of hazardous materials are ever-changing with newer techniques and tools getting introduced. We endeavor to stay always updated by investing in continuous training and learning programs. 

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Key benefits include



ASB5 HSE licenced asbestos removal service (carried out in accordance with the control of asbestos 2012 guidelines). View our licence here



UKATA accredited, environmental waste carrier



Asbestos removal liability insurance up to £10m & asbestos surveying indemnity insurance up to £5m



Fully trained & qualified professional workforce (asbestos surveyors are all P402 qualified)



All waste disposed of in the correct manner at a licenced waste facility



Quick mobilization time and effective competent project management. We will aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation!

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If you suspect you have asbestos in your property (residential or commercial) it is important to get it tested. INNOX can help you from start to finish. Identifying asbestos containing materials (ACM), discussing management strategies for the asbestos, or considering the removal of the asbestos completely.


“MT Waste has used INNOX whenever we encounter asbestos, good friendly local firm.”
Matt Street, MT Waste

“I have used INNOX a number of times for advice and removal of asbestos. I have received a good service every time, we will use them for all our asbestos jobs.”
Dan Beeson,
DB Environmental 

“I used Innox to investigate possible asbestos at my rental flat. They were honest from the start and on investigation it wasn’t asbestos so it put my mind at ease”
Alan Moate,
Ashford, Kent