Value-for-money asbestos removal in hampshire

Ever since 1999, the use of asbestos in the UK has been banned. However, if your residential or commercial property is old or was renovated before 1999, there are chances that asbestos was used during construction. If you face any issues due to asbestos in the building, call us for asbestos removal in Hampshire.

Why hire expert asbestos removal companies in hampshire?

Asbestos is not harmful on its own, but if it gets deformed or damaged, it can have a long-lasting, detrimental  effect on health, which is precisely why you need to hire an HSE licenced asbestos company to assess the condition of the asbestos in the building and accordingly advise on the best way forward.

We may not always advise asbestos removal as sometimes it is more about asbestos management. We follow industry best practices to ensure optimum safety and careful handling of asbestos, and, all of this, at affordable prices. There is no compromise on the well-being of people in the building!

Our code of practice involves:

Assessing every corner of the building to detect asbestos using the latest tools and scientifically proven methods.
Ensuring compliance with HSE standards and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.
Developing a cost-effective asbestos management plan.
After asbestos removal in Hampshire, we ensure that the area is reinstated with appropriate materials by regulated vendors for maximum safety and protection.

Why hire expert asbestos removal companies in Hampshire?

Our code of practice involves:

Trained and certified team – all of our team members are P402 certified and up to date with the HSE standards.
We ensure compliance and keep ourselves updated on all current regulations and legislation regarding asbestos removal in Hampshire.
Transparent survey and assessment methods which are completed with a comprehensive post-survey report.
As one of Hampshires' top asbestos removal companies, we are committed to offering honest reviews and assessment studies to our clients.
We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies, as per the regulations, for a survey and subsequent asbestos removal in Hampshire.

Our comprehensive asbestos survey of your property includes: floors, ceilings, decorative coatings, insulation, pipes, cement water tanks, toilet seats and cisterns, partition walls, window panels, behind and around boilers, fuse boxes, and many other areas. To know more about asbestos removal in Hampshire, speak to our experts today! We are always working towards building a safer community, we are always available for free advice.

Key benefits include

ASB5 HSE licenced asbestos removal service (carried out in accordance with the control of asbestos 2012 guidelines). View our licence. here
We have the following accreditations Chas Advanced, SSIP, Constructionline Gold.
Asbestos removal liability insurance up to £10m and asbestos surveying indemnity insurance up to £5m.
Fully trained and qualified professional workforce
(asbestos surveyors are all P402 qualified).
Peace of Mind
All waste is disposed of in the correct manner at a licensed waste facility.
Quick mobilisation time and effective competent project management. We will aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation!

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