INNOX is an established firm operating across England and Wales, offering accredited asbestos surveys. We are an HSE licenced asbestos service provider offering a comprehensive range of services covering the entire range of ACM; surveys, lab testing of samples, air testing, removal services, disposal services, and asbestos management services. We also offer asbestos consultancy and advisory services and conduct regular informative sessions to help our clients understand the importance of hiring registered consultants for ACM surveys.

Why is an asbestos survey in england and wales necessary during buying, selling or leasing properties?

Why are the surveys important during refurbishment and demolition? It is because asbestos can be very risky to your health and well-being. ACM in its original condition is okay but should not be disturbed, however, if the asbestos becomes damaged, it can release fibres into the air which can cause fatal diseases like cancer, asbestosis, and Mesothelioma. A licenced company has the relevant expertise and knowledge, and can inspect every part of the property or structure to detect the presence of asbestos. It is a meticulous process and requires strict adherence to best practices, safety compliances and other legislative regulations.

We are asbestos survey experts in england and wales

Our code of practice involves:

A detailed report accompanies every survey on the presence of asbestos and the condition. We ensure genuine lab-certified reports reach you offering our assessment of how to deal with the asbestos issue.
Fast turnaround time in preparing asbestos reports.
Being licenced surveyors in England and Wales, we have years of experience in handling and dealing with asbestos.
The report points out the type of asbestos present, whether hazardous or harmless and gives recommendations for effective asbestos management.
Cost-effective prices with the assurance of the finest quality of reports from asbestos surveys in England and Wales.
We are also proficient in offering asbestos sampling and testing services in England and Wales. Building owners often do not want the entire building to be covered for surveys and wish to have a suspected area, for example, the garage or an open area, tested for the presence of asbestos. We work with UKAS certified labs to have the samples tested and accordingly prepare a plan.

Appointing Innox Waste and Recycling as your asbestos consultant gives peace of mind. If the asbestos survey reports in England and Wales are positive, we are there to advise you on the best way forward. We will devise a plan that could range from removing the asbestos, leaving it in situ, or even renovating around it.

Key benefits include

ASB5 HSE licenced asbestos removal service (carried out in accordance with the control of asbestos 2012 guidelines). View our licence here
We have the following accreditations Chas Advanced, SSIP, Constructionline Gold.
Asbestos removal liability insurance up to £10m and asbestos surveying indemnity insurance up to £5m.
Fully trained and qualified professional workforce (asbestos surveyors are all P402 qualified).
Peace of Mind
All waste disposed of in the correct manner at a licensed waste facility.
Quick mobilisation time and effective competent project management. We will aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation!

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