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Practical asbestos management in Kent by Innox Waste & Recycling

Asbestos is an extremely unsafe and hazardous material common in buildings constructed before 1999, one should be aware of its harmful consequences and duley manage or remove to protect personnel. Asbestos if unmanaged can be extremely susceptible to accidental damage and fibre release. In Kent and indeed the UK, efficient and expert hands are hence resorted to providing safeguards against accidental fibre release and contamination. Professional HSE licenced asbestos removal companies like Innox Waste & Recycling can help with easy asbestos management in Kent without much of a headache.

Why is asbestos management in Kent important?.

Whether of private or public properties, most constructions pre 1999 in Kent are found to contain asbestos in their components. Asbestos and ACMs, or asbestos-containing materials, are durable and available components widely used for all kinds of architectures, especially due to their thermal protection qualities and tensile strength. Unfortunately it is now known that asbestos is extremly dangerous and damging to health, making it essential to devise different methods for asbestos removal in Kent.  

Beneficial and purposeful services offered by Innox Waste & Recycling:

While it can be overwhelming to deal with asbestos management in Kent, Innox Waste & Recycling is here to help. We are a HSE licenced asbestos removal company that offers adequate services for such emergencies, including detecting and evaluating asbestos present in a site to devising and arranging proper methods for asbestos removal in Kent in accordance with the HSE standards set in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

The different services offered by us are:

Why choose Innox Waste & Recycling?

  1. Inspection of a building and assessment ready for Kent asbestos removal.
    We use effective sampling methods for efficient supervision and survey of the sites that need asbestos management in Kent. We have a team of full-fledged & dedicated surveyors who are P402 certified and offer excellent services in identifying, testing, and reformation of asbestos, in any residential complex or commercial construction sites, making it easy for the buyers to buy or rent properties without worrying about asbestos-related troubles.
  2. In our curriculum of Kent asbestos removal, the rules provided by the Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 are extremely crucial and are followed dutifully so that there are no legal trepidations involved in our service. We also manage and remove any illegal asbestos dumping that can be detected in the area.
  3. Innox Waste & Recycling is an HSE licenced company; hence it is extremely responsible for environmental safety and cleanliness. We pledge to provide a healthy and secured state of living for our customers.
  4. We help customers with all types of services from garage removals to highly hangerous loose asbestos insulation removal, wherever necessary in the county of Kent. 
  5. The company takes care of the post-service conditions of their Kent asbestos removal services as well. It is why they have a ready band of workers who clean up, restore and often restructure the area after completing their asbestos removal services.

Innox Waste & Recycling constantly strives to make a peaceful and stress-free residence or office spaces for their clients. We keep in mind the comfort of our customers while providing them with easy means of asbestos removal in Kent strategies and management to be relieved of any extra worry while looking for places to live or work in. 

Key benefits include



ASB5 HSE licenced asbestos removal service (carried out in accordance with the control of asbestos 2012 guidelines). View our licence here



UKATA accredited, environmental waste carrier



Asbestos removal liability insurance up to £10m & asbestos surveying indemnity insurance up to £5m



Fully trained & qualified professional workforce (asbestos surveyors are all P402 qualified)



All waste disposed of in the correct manner at a licenced waste facility



Quick mobilization time and effective competent project management. We will aim to beat any genuine like for like quotation!

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If you suspect you have asbestos in your property (residential or commercial) it is important to get it tested. INNOX can help you from start to finish. Identifying asbestos containing materials (ACM), discussing management strategies for the asbestos, or considering the removal of the asbestos completely.


“MT Waste has used INNOX whenever we encounter asbestos, good friendly local firm.”
Matt Street, MT Waste

“I have used INNOX a number of times for advice and removal of asbestos. I have received a good service every time, we will use them for all our asbestos jobs.”
Dan Beeson,
DB Environmental 

“I used Innox to investigate possible asbestos at my rental flat. They were honest from the start and on investigation it wasn’t asbestos so it put my mind at ease”
Alan Moate,
Ashford, Kent